Offer description

  1. Placement of capital on the US stock market.
  2. Individual selection of assets and investment instruments.
  3. Management Fee – 1% of the amount under management, paid at the beginning of each calendar year (the amount under management is defined as the value of the portfolio on December 31 of the last calendar year)
  4. Success Fee – 20% of changes in the portfolio value, paid quarterly according to the reports provided

Terms and conditions of work:

  • The minimum amount to get started is 100.000 USD
  • The work is carried out from the client’s personal account which gives the investor complete control over funds and the investment process.

Investment principles

  1. Investments in companies with a capitalization of more than $50 billion.
  2. The portfolio is compiled according to the principle of differentiated assets.
  3. The assets included in the portfolio are determined based on an in-depth financial analysis of the company, as well as the industry and macroeconomics as a whole.