A few words about the company

Eagle Management specializes in assets management and invests in US stock market.

The composition of the investment proposal includes 4 strategies with different terms of investment, as well as the level of risk / income:

  1. Active Investor (expected annual income – 20%)
  2. Conservative Investor (expected annual income of 8-10%)
  3. Maximum protection (fixed annual income – 5%)
  4. Privatepackage (individualapproach)


  1. Shares of the S & P 500 Index
  2. Stockoptions
  3. Indexoptions
  4. Commodityoptions
  5. CorporateBonds
  6. Industry ETF Funds
  7. Index ETF funds


  1. Regular receipt of dividends (passive income).
  2. The ability to manage risk and income.
  3. The ability to quickly have a cash flow.
  4. Placing capital in the assets of the world’s first companies in the largest world economy.
  5. Incomein US dollars.
  6. No need for active participation.


  1. The funds are in your brokerage account with Interactive Brokers (USA), Our specialists can only buy and sell assets, there is no possibility of them depositing, withdrawing of moving capital.  Preparation of documents for opening an account is free of charge.
  2. High-quality assets in the portfolio.  The portfolio consists of assets included in the S & P 500 index (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Philip Morris International, Amazon, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, etc.).
  3. Diversification by industry allows you to balance your portfolio and achieve flexibility when the market changes as a whole.
  4. The ability to quickly have a cash flow.The sale of assets takes a few seconds.
  5. Cash is under US jurisdiction.
  6. When buying shares, you become a co-owner of the company whose shares you bought.
  7. Eagle Management regularly provides transaction reports.
  8. Eagle Management revenue is completely dependent on the outcome.That is to say on the financial result and investment success.